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Here's Something Every Business Needs to Know About Google Adwords

The opportunities to get sales through high-quality lead generation have never been higher.

For a crash course, there are two ways to rank on Google. Paid (Google Adwords) or Organic (SEO).

More on organic later.

If you need to know one thing, remember this.

Purchased Ad space through Google Ads gets you 65% of the clicks on Google. Organic receives 35% of the clicks.

Here’s where it gets really crazy.

Google has recently released that businesses make an average of $8 for every dollar they spend in Adwords.

Every business owner (big or small) can utilise the potential returns Google Ads has to generate sales for businesses.

Other reasons we love AdWords and you should to?

The results are instant. No waiting.

The leads start rolling in. In a matter of days.

But the results you want to achieve require work. You need a team that’s willing to put the time into understanding your customers and working towards staying one step ahead of your competition.
It requires experience and skin in the game.
A good Adwords Agency can start driving hot leads directly to your website.
To get your phone ringing off the hook.
With clients, that need your services. When they call you.
And it doesn’t require expensive marketing or PR campaigns.

You pay for each click you receive.

It’s a tight nit system. A well-oiled machine.

So you might have guessed, we're damn serious about Adwords

We’re even more serious about getting our clients the best bang for their buck.

You’re trusting us with your hard-earned cash. 

A responsibility we don’t take it lightly.

The challenge with Google Adwords is that new competitors are popping up every minute. They have access to your ads. 

A simple Google search and they can see what their competition is doing. So it’s an arms race.

Who can do it better? Who’s more on the ball?

A couple of days of complacency can equal a sharp drop in sales.

Moz has reported the first page of Google gets as much as 92% of the clicks. The second page is as low as 6%.

You don’t want your ads on the second page. 

And you need a good Agency to keep you on the first.

Leadweb watches your competition with a sniper-like focus to keep you a step ahead of the rest.

The Google search battle field is not for the faint-hearted. The people who get the most out of Adwords are those who make the right investment.

This requires a partnership with a battle-tested Agency that’s invested in getting you results.

Here’s two options.




Market research.

The most important part and sometimes overlooked.

Know your customers (so you know who you’re writing ads for). 

Know the competition (so you know the ads you have to beat).

Understand your industry. Your services. The benefits you offer.

Once we know this. We can start looking for Keyword opportunities that offer a sensational ROI. Brainstorm headlines and descriptions. And structure your add account for success.

We optimise, constantly.

By looking at data. Take time to understand how your campaigns are performing.
We take into account your CPC’s and Increase spend where conversions are high. Decrease spend where they are low. We fight to get you a great return on investment (ROI).
Block any keywords that are wasting your money. Hunt for new opportunities.
Find those low hanging fruits. Identify those untapped markets.
Anything we can do to get you ahead of the competition. We do it.

We experiment.

Our team of Adwords Specialists obsess over our accounts and think of new and clever ways to experiment with headlines and descriptions. Not only with your Ad’s account but your landing pages as well.

From the first click to the landing page, it’s essential you offer a seamless experience.

Your landing pages have to be optimised to fit the Ads copy.

One size does not fit all(something most agencies get wrong).
Or your customer simply won’t hit that buy button.
By looking at data. Take time to understand how your campaigns are performing.
We optimise, constantly.


Hit the “let’s get started” button now. Fill in the form. It takes less than 30 seconds.
We’ll call you and ask a few questions. Set tangible goals. Aim to knock them out of the park.

Start bringing in high-value clients. That fit your ideal client and are ready to spend.



It’s fast. Really fast!

If you don’t like waiting for results, then Adwords is for you. We’ll do market research. Understand your buyers. Study the enemy. Then start funnelling leads to your website. From there, they’ll either fill out a form or place a call.

Razor-sharp targeting.

You can target your customer based on anything. Age, interests, location (down to the postcode), even the languages they speak. You name it. Even time of day. We’ll put that big breakfast under their noses at 9 am on a Sunday morning.

Rich data collection.

We can see exactly how your campaigns are performing. So much more than just CPC’s. Conversion rates down to the individual keyword. How individual headlines or descriptions are performing. If it’s working, we know exactly why so your money is well spent.

Maximum control of your $$.

Google Ads is very good at sticking to a monthly budget. They use sophisticated algorithms that where the platform effectively determines the best time of day to show your ad. Once your business hits capacity, communicate it to your Ads specialist to give your business time to deal with the overload of leads.
If your business is looking to generate qualified leads that are ready to play for your goods or services, then give us a call now and get started today.


SEO achieves similar results to Adwords but it’s free.
Think of it like this.
You’re hitting the gym and want to get massive.
You’re looking for fast results in as little as a few weeks.
Similar to steroids, Adwords will get you where you want to be. You still have to work hard to get the desired results, but it can be extremely quick.
The downside is that as soon as you stop taking steroids or freeze your ad spend, the results quickly disappear. Except with Adwords, the losses are immediate.

Then there’s SEO. It’s a grind. You have to put in months and months of hard work. Optimising your website. Producing content. Hitting the right keywords. Put in the reps.

The results can be significant!

Even more than Adwords.
Unlike steroids, if you stop putting in the work, the loss of results is a lot more gradual. It still requires a lot of hard work to maintain that top spot.

It’s an investment in your business.

If you were to ask how we would do it?

We recommend starting with an Adwords strategy to bring in quick and fast leads.

In the back end, a strong SEO strategy that will work for your business so you can eventually reduce your Ad spend.


Your ads are shown to the right audience at the right time. Results are closely monitored and optimised for maximum ROI.

It is the quickest way to getting leads to your business. Instead of paying for the process of getting leads such as Logo design, Branding, Website and Marketing, You only Pay for leads. 

Unlike Pay Per Lead, here you will pay for the whole website month to month. This website is already ranking on Google and generating lead. We customise the website to suit your brand and there you go!


If you want to target a big list of keywords and you are patient enough to respect how organic ranking works, SEO is the way to go! It is a multifaceted approach and should be the part of branding or positioning for any business.

We build websites with only one goal in mind, Traffic & Conversion! Unlike traditional web design process, we go further and dig deep to understand your goals and deliver a successful website

SocialMedia has revolutionised how businesses connect with their target audience.Your voice, our management. We would make a good social media team. 

Our customers say


Lets get down to the nitty gritty..

The results can be instant once we deploy your campaign. We do take a some time to research your competitors and target market before deploying your ads.

For best results, we start to hit optimum spend of your budget after 6 to 8 weeks. This gives our Adwords specialist time to find low cost, high value keyword opportunities as well as the Google Ads algorithm time to collect enough data on the best combinations of headlines, descriptions and keywords.

For sure. Send us an email if you’d like to know how your ads are tracking, however we do send a fortnightly update to keep you in the loop and make sure we’re aligned with your goals.

A range of businesses including tradies & removalists, professionals such as lawyers, accountants, clinics, NDIS providers, e-commerce stores and more. 

The cost of the services depends on budget allocation for your Google Adwords spend. Leadweb takes a fee for Adwords account management and the rest is spent on paying per clicks (PPC). We always strive to offer a the most competitive price for our clients.

Yes, it is a business contact but only month to month. You can cancel the contract with a written notice via email, just let us know 2 weeks in advance.

The cost can vary based on a number of factors. This could be time of the day the ad is being clicked or the demand for the keyword you’re bidding for in your area.

The amazing thing about Google Adwords, is the cost can be very tightly controlled. Once you specify a monthly budget for ads, Google won’t go over it. There are many bidding strategies you can use to get the best out of each click. Leadweb’s goal is always the same, get you the best ROI for your budget.

Google can be picky about where they place your ad on the search engine results page (SERP). The main factor is relevancy to your landing page. This means your landing page also needs to contain the right keywords and be highly relevant to the content of your ad. That’s why Leadweb also offers landing page optimisation so we can always push towards that top spot for your ad.

Google Ads has algorithms in place to detect if this is happening. If you find a competitor is sabotaging your ad spend, there are tools and measures we can put in place to block their IP address and prevent them from spending your budget.

SEO works similar to Google Ads, however, it’s not on a PPC basis. It’s a long term strategy that involves targeting the highest converting keywords for your business through optimised landing page content, blogging strategies and technical website optimisation.

It can offer a massive return for your business, however, it can take 6+ months for your SEO strategy to take effect. If you’re interested in investing in your business long term, SEO is the right strategy for your business.

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Growth Hacker with years of experience working with small business lead generation, Google Ads and SEO.


Tom is passionate about writing results driven copy for websites, landing pages and social Ads.


UI/UX Designer
Create a meaningful customer exprience via clean design which works on all devices and provide a seamless experience to your clients.

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