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Why should you invest in Social Media?

Return on investment is key when it comes to social media. Many business owners often waste time, and budget on campaigns, or collaborations that drive practically NO traffic to their business.  Leadweb provides a social media advertising service that helps you generate organic and immediate results. Connecting you with a large network of individuals that would be interested in your product or service. Social media marketing is the most cost-effective forms of marketing today; as long as your marketing to the right network of people, on the right platform, that best fits your type of business.  There are many other factors that come into play with regards to social media marketing. It’s not only about reaching your target demographic, but impressing them enough to want to engage once you’ve got their attention. 

Social Media Objectives

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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Meet Your Experienced Social Media Manager

We appoint a member of lead web to take the lead on your social media. This team member will be a social media manager with experience and expertise in advertising for this category. This person will develop an advertising strategy, primarily learning from your business on where needs focus and where your demographic lives.

Create Engaging Advertisements and Content

Launch ads that will entice people to click. Capture the clicks and guide them to your product or service. Our ad specialist will write inspiring copy, headlines, create and develop content for each campaign. We will execute a strategy called A/B split testing where we can quickly pinpoint which ads are gaining results.  

Monitor Your Ads and Optimize

We analyse and identify, quickly, what the low-performing aspects of each campaign are. We pull or adjust any ads that are low per-performing and low engagement. In the meantime, we launch softer ads to keep the results coming in. It’s like a dance of data and results that we do.

Reporting and Communication

Every step of the way you’ll have access to information on your paid advertisement’s performance. Periodically we also send reports for you to review as you wish, so you understand the flow of click rate and conversations we’ve generated. Social media advertising is just one aspect of your marketing strategy but can give outstanding results.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Website traffic and conversations are some key performance indicators that we assess. Converting that traffic from social media campaigns to an increase in sales or revenue.

Traffic generated can depend on a couple of different factors. The effectiveness of each campaign in relation to your target demographics interest. Also advertising budget allocation. Some businesses might need more budget to make the results more impactful by reaching a wider network.

Google can be expensive to advertise on as they charge per click, which means each time someone clicks on your ad, they charge. However, this type of traffic can be the most important and relevant to your brand as the person is searching for you as opposed to stumbling across your ad. After some analysis, you will be able to discuss with your social media manager how much you would be willing to spend per acquisition.

Contract & Setup Fees

Our contracts/plans run on a 3 month basis. However you may opt out at any point provided a 30 days notice is submitted.

Yes, there is a one time set up fee which covers setting up search engine systems, analytics systems, and other administrative tasks. This is once you have selected a plan and isn’t charged during the initial consultation as this is free of charge.

Each business requires a different level of Social Media Marketing budget. We work off a case by case basis. It doesn’t have to cost the earth! Get in touch for a chat!

After the initial consultation. We will have a dedicated specialist draw up your plan proposal and submit for your approval asap. Once we have the green light from yourself we can start executing your plan. 

Service & Working Together

You will be assigned a dedicated Social Media Marketing Specialist. This person is trained in advertising on social media platforms and is likely to have experience in helping clients generate traffic and conversations. This person will be your main point of contact. In addition, each Social Media Marketing specialist reports to a Director, who reviews all cases month to month. This is to ensure that you receive quality work and to resolve tough situations.

Yes, for sure. This is a  collaborative effort where you can have as much or as little input as you desire. If you have information that you feel very passionate in sharing a post. We can advise and edit using performance analysis or you can present an idea and we deliver the goods.

In the initial questionnaire consultation, we gather an idea about your ad preferences. The approach we then take is to develop a strategy that not only is in-line with your concept, but that’s likely to perform well through engagement. We create a calendar that maps out when ads are release. This is then monitored and adjusted along the way, giving an opportunity to make adjustments and approvals well in advance.

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