Pay Per Lead

Why Pay Per Lead?

To achieve that top spot on a search engine takes expensive marketing that doesn’t always work. It takes commitment to digital media platforms like your Website and Social Profiles on  Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The slow rise to page one of a search engine can be an expensive, uncertain and tedious process.   We’re here to fix that for you. Let us remove the risk, the copious amounts of time spent on marketing and the uncertainty of success.  Here is our website ‘super solution’, You only Pay for Lead. No risk! No catch!

Key Facts of Focus

  • 91% Of Search Never Click Past Page 1
  • Page#1 is where the money is.
  • Top ranking websites spend a fortune to get there!
  • Relying on an agency who can’t promise results is like gambling!
  • Agencies won’t really care about your success, unless it is a win-win situation for both!
  • We are not like HiPages or Oneflare. Our leads are solely directed to 1 provider.
  • No long term contracts, just month by month
  • It is lucrative lead generation system at it’s best!

So How we do it & What are the choices?

We have websites that already have the hard yards done for you. No more waiting around to make the first page of Google, we already own the top spots and you can rent the site from us! We’re so confident of our success that you don’t need to pay for the work done, simply pay per lead! Essentially, you avoid paying for the process and you can start only paying for results! 


Let the Results speak for Us

Leadweb Marketing
Leadweb Marketing

Why Us?

Services where we can generate leads




Dental Clinics

Floor Sanding


Rubbish Removals


Civil Works

Smash Repairs

Loan Brokers


Insurance Brokers

Home Repairs

Dry Cleaners


& more...

Get a Lead Generating Website & Channels for your Business

Suburbs we target

Sydney CBD

Northern Suburbs

Western Suburbs

South Easter Suburbs



Oran Park


Baulkham Hills


Castle Hill


Winston Hills












Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per Lead

It is the quickest way to getting leads to your business. Instead of paying for the process of getting leads (Building website and paying for marketing) , You only Pay Per Lead. A lead is a genuine phone call or online enquiry to related to your business offerings.

You tell us the industry and types of enquiries you want to target. if we don’t have a website which ranks well in your industry, we will build a new one and bring it to the top of the Google search results (Paid and Organic campaigns). We track all incoming leads and report to you every month. You pay only for the leads.

With Pay Per lead service, You make a deposit payment of $5K towards 100 future leads. We get our team to work on the website build and marketing campaign. After 100 leads are fulfilled, you will pay $2500 every month as deposit towards next 50 leads. 

The beauty about Pay Per Lead service is that, you are not locked into any longterm contract. We will send an agreement for you to review and sign. Once accepted our contract runs month to month unless you cancel in writing. You can cancel the service anytime (30 days notice is required). We will work until we fulfil all the leads we agreed to generate.

Rent Website

In simple terms, you are leasing an online shop with high traffic! Yes that’s the corner shop everyone dreamt of! You will see all the traffic data, incoming leads and potential of renting a website. You can keep your own website for branding and utilise this one for ongoing lead generation

We certainly can but it means that you wait a few months or even years to reach to the top of Google. It may also cost you to pay for the service plus payment to Google. You can check our other services such as branding, web design, Adwords, SEO and Social Media Marketing services.

Based on the industry and the number of traffic it generate, we will come to a fixed monthly fees.We will sign an agreement and organise direct debit month to month. It usually cost $2K to $5K per month.

As long as you want! If it is creating leads for you on a daily basis, why would you stop? Contract is often from 3 months 12 months duration. The longer period you sign, the lesser you pay! We need 30 days notice before cancelling the agreement.