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Why use Marketing for Nonprofit organisations?

Using digital marketing for your nonprofit organistion can fast-track funding and spread the word, reaching more people, raising awareness and encourage overall expansion. We ensure the message you want to convey is clear and what you’re trying to achieve is at the forefront of all content. 

We customise proven strategies that encourage communities to engage and join the organisation’s journey. Instead of relying on word-of-mouth and pamphlets, we are able to really narrow down who you’re trying to connect with, and start nurturing those relationships. End game is always in our sights, aiming for an increase in donations, awareness and partnerships.

With the right marketing plan we can also motivate people to volunteer, by not only supporting your journey but physically joining it. 

Key Objectives

  • Informative website with current activity and blogs
  • Increase following on social media though content development 
  • Initiate new partnerships
  • Impact through high ranking through SEO and adwords

Social Media Growth

Email blasts

Content marketing

SEO + organic traffic

Website Design

Google Adwords

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Marketing and Advertising + Nonprofit Organisations in Australia

There are approximately 56,000 charities and non-profit organisations are registered with ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission). Our team has worked with a variety of charities, non-profits and a growing number of B-corps.

With an increase of grants being awarded to organisations of this such in Australia each year, its important you’re considered and keep up with what recent opportunities the government offers. The “funding database” resource provides a comprehensive listing of subject areas under which funding grants are available. The list includes: Crime Prevention and Safety, Education and Training, Older People, People with a Disability and Rural and Regional.

Inspire Motivation.

Digital marketing for Non-profits is quite varied with key emphasis on community involvement and events. We focus on localised campaigns and industry impact, which can quickly establish your idea as a movement, with the right components and guidance on your side.

Get started with Social Media

Start from scratch or re-work your social media with our understanding and talented team, who can take your business to the next level!

The Leadweb Steps


In The Know

Our team understands the importance of transparency in such organisations,  and is able to guide the concept through the relevant, and most impactful digital platforms that generate most reach and lead conversions.


Industry Experience

Each year there is a growing number of new movements spreading quickly thanks to the power of social media. We ensure that this movement is not just click bait, but encourages engagement and conversations. Pairing the power of social media with a polished and informed online platform via Google and web design.


Keeping up

We constantly research and stay informed with trending content that we can implement into our campaigns. Our work with you is ever changing and growing, as we follow the path of engagement and see what demographic is responding most with not-for-profit advertising.

We’ve driven over 120,300,045 leads and counting for clients through digital marketing.

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